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Are you a working professional looking for the shortest Ed.D. programs online?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. As you scroll down your screen, you will find helpful information regarding the two years Ed.D. program.

Some of the things you will come across are the categories of accelerated programs, the focus area of study, and more.

2-year Ed.D. Programs Online

EdD Programs in Earning an Ed.D. degree online comes with a lot of flexibility, affordability, and convenience. Apart from that, it is also a quick way to advance your educational career.

We have accelerated Ed.D. programs with integrated thesis. You can take and graduate within 24-32 months or less. But these programs tend to have crash coursework.

Accelerated Doctoral Programs in Education Online

Many academic institutions have accelerated Ed.D. Virtually all these institutions have their programs fully endorsed by the appropriate accreditation bodies.

A few of these schools are Alvernon College, Ashland, Bay Path, Milligan, Gwynedd Mercy, and Monmouth University. New York, Lipscomb, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Cumberland University are other options you can explore.

Curriculum Emphasis

The program of most institutions that provide two years Ed.D. programs emphasize the acquisition of a broad understanding of education and training skills.

As such, their study courses adopt a hands-on approach. It’s about developing educators and transformative leaders with expertise in various areas.

Categories of 2-Year Ed.D. Programs

Ed.D. programs, often completed within two years, belong to three categories—full-time doctorate in education leadership, executive Ed.D., and ABD completion doctorate.

The full-time Ed.D. leadership has a vicious calendar as traditional Ed.D. in leadership. At the same time, the executive doctorate is designed for intermediate and senior professionals who want a 2-year Ed.D. plan.

As for ABD’s completion doctorate, it’s designed for educators with work experience and career achievements in their resumes.

Number of Credit Courses

The study syllabus for most accelerated Ed.D. programs has credit hours between 54 and 60.

However, courses can be more or less, depending on your school choice and concentration area. These courses include core areas, elective research, internships, and a thesis.

As you pursue an Ed.D. program online, you should expect courses such as the history of American education systems, organizational systems, leadership in education, education policy, promoting professional development, and diversity education in curricula.

Other courses include the foundations of multicultural education, linguistics in education, collaboration and communication, international education systems, issues of diversity in education, educational funding, and organizational leadership in an academic setting.

You can find additional courses in your study syllabus for theoretical foundations of leadership, child development, legal issues in early childhood education, models of assessments, organizational management, and advancements in e-learning technologies.

Action Research Courses

Some institutions that offer 2-year Ed.D. Online programs feature approximately five action research courses.

These courses are geared to assist researchers in completing the critical elements of their thesis. They are also included throughout their program of study.

Among them are contemporary learning, curricular assessment, financial affairs, educational governance, and learning technologies.

Concentration Areas for 2-Year Ed.D. Programs

To earn an Ed.D. degree quickly, you must specialize in a field of interest.

There’re several of them. We have Ed.D. in educational leadership, early childhood education, organizational change and leadership, reading and literacy, and education technology.

Other areas to expand your are Ed.D. in leadership concentration, special education, K-12 leadership, community college leadership, health professions, curriculum and instructions, and lots more.

What About Dissertation for 2 Year Ed.D. Programs?

The thesis is integral to doctoral studies. Before you can get an Ed.D. degree online or in person, you’ll need to finish a dissertation.

This academic article culminates your years of intensive research to address a specific issue of education practice. to complete a thesis; you will need to follow specific educational processes.

In most schools, it takes a great deal of time to finish a dissertation. But with accelerated Ed.D., you can wind up your dissertation at the appointed time.

How is that even possible? In certain universities, researchers will finish their thesis in their first year. At the same time, other institutions choose an alternative to the idea. That’s a capstone project.

It is also an intensive research paper similar to a dissertation but does not take time. Ed.D. researchers frequently complete their capstone project in less than one year.

Academic Advising

Most facilities that offer Ed.D. programs online programs provide their students with academic advisors.

They are to serve as advisors, mentors, and instructors to the fellows throughout their coursework and dissertations.

Academic advisors also help students with credit transfer and career path selection.

Can I Earn a 2-Year Ed.D? Degree on Part-Time Basis?

It comes down to your choice of college. But most fast-track Ed.D. Programs online are full-time. Part-time programs are often challenging to deliver under two years or less.

Given the extensity of lectures and the dissertation, it can take three years or more.

How Much Does it Cost to Earn a 2-Year Ed.D? Program?

As was mentioned at the outset of our discussion, Ed.D. programs are often cost-effective.

However, the exact amount you will spend is based on several factors—choice of school, the field of concentration, and state of origin.

For a typical Ed.D. with an average of 54 credit hours, you are likely to spend roughly $12,870 to $30,000. However, other expenses will be added to your program’s cost aside from tuition.

One of those extra expenditures is graduation fees.

Conditions Of Acceptance

Universities that offer short e-programs have established standards for interested applicants.

While these conditions vary from school to school, most require a master’s degree from a certified institution.

Additional requirements include your past academic transcripts, resume, reference letters, minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5, statement of intent, and more.

For applicants from foreign countries (concerning those from non-English speaking countries), you must present proof of fluency in English. In that case, you can submit the test result, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

2-year Ed.D. programs are ideal for education-sector professionals to bolster their careers within a short period. Since courses are essentially offered online, this is an excellent educational option for working professionals.

The flexibility of studies will allow them to keep their jobs and businesses in might throughout their studies. Above you are some institutions where you can take advantage of such learning options.