Arizona Education Doctoral (EdD & PhD) Programs

If you want to be ready for senior leadership positions in K-12 organizations and direct offices, consider getting your Ed.D. certificate in Arizona.

There are three educational institutions with doctoral education programs.

Arizona Ed.D. Programs

When you go to one of these schools, you will receive training on applying theory and research to leadership problems in complex organizations.

What’s more? Their programs will enable you to improve outcomes at your place of employment.

For you to click on this page, you have great interest in the Arizona Ed.D. programs. If that’s the case, you have come to the correct spot.

We will provide you with a brief overview of Ed.D. courses in the state, length of study, conditions of admission, career chances for graduates, learning style, and much more.

  • ELPP

The full abbreviation is Education Leadership and Policy Program. It is designed to equip you with advanced knowledge and skills to respond to future problems by various measurements.

This includes exploring the subjects of social justice for education equity and opportunities for all scholars, following ethical principles, and undertaking research central to current socio-cultural, political, and economic contexts.

Doctor Of Education Programs In Arizona,

The curriculum for educational doctorate programs is a bit broad. You are supposed to offer around 63-90 credit courses during your study period.

These courses include elective, research, thesis, and comprehensive test courses. Below is a summary of a 3-year education course outline in Arizona.

  • Year One Courses

Your first study year features courses such as advanced foundations in educational leadership (theory, research, and practice), the administration of social justice (ethics and law), quantitative research methods, quantitative methods in education, critically evaluating education policy research, research, and information-based decision making, etc.

  • Year two Courses

In your second year of studies, you’ll offer courses such as curriculum and instructional leadership, policy analysis in education, culturally responsive administration and policy, advanced qualitative methods, market-based educational reforms, leadership for the school and the diverse community, proposals, and loads more.

  • Year three Courses

As you enter the third year of your studies, you will be introduced to a few advanced courses. This includes Arizona’s right to education, leadership for educational change, essay house, and many more.

Learning style

There are three types of learning available for Ed.D. scholars in Arizona. This includes online, on-campus, and hybrid studies. Each of these study formats has its pros and cons. Let’s go through them individually.

Online Ed.D. Studies in Arizona

This kind of learning style is suitable for researchers who live outside of Arizona or have other exciting activities outside academics.

All course activities take place over the Internet. This is an opportunity to focus on your job or family. Along with its flexibility and convenience, the learning style is inexpensive.

Online Ed.D. programs in Arizona focus on educational leadership, education and leadership, organizational leadership, and leadership and innovation.

You may choose one of these areas to focus your education.

  • On-Campus Ed.D. Studies

Studying on campus is ideal for scholars interested in learning in the classroom. All class activities will take place in the school setting. It is thus necessary to be present at the school in person.

You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students and instructors. Additionally, you’ll benefit immediately from school facilities and awards.

Meanwhile, on-campus studies come with some inconveniences. One of them is its costly nature of it. You will spend extra money to get housing in school, transportation, books, health insurance, etc.

Moreover, you will not be able to participate in other activities outside school.

  • Hybrid Ed.D. Studies

This type of learning combines e-learning with on-campus.

You will be required to offer a few on-campus courses while most are completed online. This learning style also allows combining school with other extracurricular activities.

Are Transfer Students Accepted for Ed.D Studies in Arizona?

Oh yes! Most schools in Arizona take students who graduate from other programs to finish their Ed.D. studies. They are allowed to enroll in any learning format they find convenient.

However, there are some standards that students must adhere to before they are accepted. Every university has its criteria for such transfer.

However, you must first notify the Ed.D enrollment advisor to apply for transfer to Arizona. Following consultation, you will need to complete an application form.

Note that the application form is going to cost you money. Once you are done, you will submit your transcripts for review.

What Are The Qualifications For AZ Ed.D. Entry?

To choose the most qualified candidates, all the universities of Arizona have set standards for their Ed.D. studies. You must meet those standards to be eligible for admission.

Below are some of those requirements.

  • It would help if you held a master’s degree from a recognized university
  • You must have a job or leadership background in university administration.
  • You will have to provide three letters of reference. These letters can be obtained from a previous academic or work setting.
  • You’ll have a minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Some universities in Arizona will require you to write an aim statement.
  • Foreign candidates from non-English speaking countries will have to present proof of their competence in English. You can submit test results such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • You’ll be required to submit your previous academic transcripts for review
  • All requests for Ed D. studies in Arizona should be completed via the internet. Note that submitting your application will attract some money.

Job Options for Ed.D. Grads in Arizona

Graduates of doctoral education programs have several employment opportunities.

You can decide to become a program specialist, provost, director of education, director of educational research, principal, district director, teacher, professor, and lecturer after licensure.

These are all high-paying jobs.

Earning your doctoral degree in education in Arizona will prepare you for leadership positions in all educational and administrative systems.

If this is your dream, then the universities of Arizona are there to help you realize your dreams. Upon graduation, you will have plenty of opportunities to work.

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