Louisiana Education Doctoral (EdD & PhD) Programs

Regardless of why you must pursue a doctorate in education in Louisiana, familiarizing yourself with their programs is necessary.

Here, we aim to inform readers interested in a doctorate in education in Louisiana.

As a result, our discussion centered on career-supported courses, Ed.D. placements, study periods, entry criteria, and more.

Ed.D. Programs Louisiana

Ed.D. is a Ph.D. program that is attended primarily by teachers and administrators. Most of these candidates are focused on preparing for leadership roles within K-12 organizations.

While this is true, others want to significantly impact their community or work environment. Hence, they seek certificates to improve their knowledge, skills, and disposition.

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  • Domains of study

There are several study areas in which you can specialize to get an Ed.D. degree in Louisiana. Choosing the right area to focus on is a crucial step not to be taken lightly.

Whichever focus area you select will determine your career path and possibly your work environment. So be sure to make an intelligent choice.

You can choose specialty courses like curriculum development and teaching, adult education, diversity and multiculturalism, and early childhood.

Other areas include community college leadership, organizational leadership, educational technology, online learning, educational entrepreneurship, educational leadership, and the health professions.

Louisiana Ed.D. Internships

Practically, all universities in Louisiana incorporated internships into their Ed.D. Programs. It’s about allowing you to put your theory into practice.

You have about a year to acquire the skills you need to function effectively in your field of expertise. As for where you will finish your internship, the doctoral committee will help you with that.


Before you finish your studies, you have to write a thesis. It’s a scholarly paper that combines your years of original research to tackle a specific problem of academic practice.

The document also focuses on degree specialization and must include field experience.

Before you finish a dissertation, you have to go through some scholarly procedures. This includes the drafting of a thesis proposal, the selection of a topic, and the meeting with the thesis chair.

Other milestones include reviewing courses related to your topic, a literature review, a defense of your thesis proposal, etc.

Policy For Transferring Course Credits

You may transfer your graduate credits from other universities outside of Louisiana. But before making such a significant move, you must meet specific standards.

A few of them include obtaining credits through a regionally accredited institution, submitting a course catalog description, earning B or higher grades in transferable courses, etc.

Are Doctoral Programs in Education in Louisiana Lengthy?

Knowing how long it will take you to complete a doctoral degree in education in Louisiana is critical. It will help you decide whether to continue your academic pursuit.

We cannot tell you exactly how much time you will spend in school.

That’s because there are multiple influential factors. These factors vary depending on the type of school you choose, the specialty area, and the enrollment method (full-time and part-time).

According to the abovementioned factors, you will likely spend approximately 3-5 years. You must finish all registered courses, internships, and dissertations during these periods.

These are the criteria for Ed D. studies at most universities across Louisiana.

Academic Excellence

You must maintain a high level of academic excellence to prevent probation or removal.

Most Louisiana universities require their students to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Course credit earned in C is a fail. You’re working towards probation if you get a grade in two doctoral classes.

Criteria for Doctoral Residency

You may request residency if you wish to participate fully in academic activities. But there are specific standards that you must meet.

One of these is that you must complete at least three terms within your study period. You must also obtain a minimum of six credits for each academic time.

Once those conditions are met, your application will be approved.

Assistantships for Doctoral Students in Education

Louisiana universities are not content to offer you the finest academic and administrative leadership training.

They also make sure you have access to affordable educational opportunities. In this capacity, they offer various forms of assistantship to support you.

Such support may take the form of scholarships, loans, or waivers of tuition fees.

Admission Checklist

There are specific entry requirements for a doctorate in education in Louisiana. These conditions vary from one university to the next.

Thus, identifying the essentials that are specific to your chosen institution lies in your search capabilities. However, we have developed some conditions common to the universities in Louisiana.

First, applicants must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a certified university.

Other required credentials include letters of recommendation (at least three), previous academic transcripts, GRE or MAT scores, proof of English proficiency (foreign scholars), a statement of intent, a minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5, and many more.

¬†What’s next in line?

Following the submission of an application for admission, it does not end there.

The Doctoral Admission Committee will review your attached credentials at your chosen institution. If you’re eligible for their Ed.D. studies, you will be prompted to finish the admission process.

The next step relates to your attendance at an interview.

This can take place physically on the university campus or virtually. Everything depends on the type of learning format selected. If you choose to study on campus, your interview will be in two faces.

Phase One will require you to prepare a temporary handwriting sample on-site.

Phase 2 is a live interview. Other significant milestones include providing evidence of immunization, attending orientation sessions, and much more.

To wrap up our discussion, obtaining an Ed.D. degree in Louisiana is rewarding. Besides the exceptional education you will have, the state offers Ed.D. graduates a wide range of job opportunities.

However, some opportunities are for graduates with a state educator permit or additional training.

To fulfill your dream, use the information above to provide a guide. You can always refer to our website for more details on Ed.D. programs in Louisiana.