Mississippi Education Doctoral (EdD & PhD) Programs

No matter what knowledge and skills you want to qualify for administrative and academic leadership roles, you can get them in Mississippi.

Ed.D. Programs in Mississippi

Several Ed.D. programs will lead you toward careers in these industries. You will need to pick a domain that talks about your career goals.

Stay tuned if you want to learn more about Ed.D. programs in Mississippi. We will provide you with detailed information about their doctoral education programs.

Some things you are going to discover are their specialty areas, courses, program duration, entry requirements, and more.

Doctor Of Education Programs In Mississippi

Before you earn an Ed.D. degree, you will have to focus on an area of study which interests you. Mississippi has many of these areas of interest for you to choose from.

Diversity and multiculturalism, K-12 leadership, early childhood education, curriculum and education, community college leadership, and education policy.

Others include educational technology and online learning, adult education, entrepreneurial education, organizational leadership, health professions, and more.


The study syllabus for Ed.D. programs in Mississippi is wide-ranging.

It includes basic, elective, research, thesis, and internship courses. These courses are designed to provide you with theoretical and hands-on experience in your specialty area.

As you earn an Ed.D. degree, you should expect courses such as legal issues in higher education, management, group dynamics and behavior in learning organizations, superintendent, and an advanced academic and ethical law seminar.

Other courses include analyzing administrative problems, managing school affairs and facilities, school and community relations, etc.

Consideration Of Adult Workers

Are you an adult with multiple responsibilities in your home or workplace? Then know that Mississippi University has got you covered. They will give you ready access to quality education.

Depending on your curriculum, you can enjoy their daytime classes during the summer and evening classes during the fall and spring semesters.

Moreover, their synchronous and asynchronous online studies will allow you to choose a suitable learning sequence and the number of courses to propose per semester.

All these flexible learning options help you cope with other responsibilities during school.

Stress-free Dissertation

A dissertation is an essential component of the Ed.D. programs in Mississippi.

But due to the rigor and complexity of the thesis, most students tend to find it challenging to finish up. To remedy the situation, schools in Mississippi made different parts of the dissertation be offered as a course.

You will be matched with a thesis chair to provide advice. They’ll see that you have become a successful researcher and student.

Before a thesis chair is awarded, you must attend several weeks of classes after registering.

Strong Student Community

Most Mississippi universities use the cohort model to develop a support system for Ed.D. scholars.

From day one at school, you will be paired with other specialists who are as thirsty for success as you are. The purpose is to allow you to interact and work together.

In this way, you will be inspired to work hard.

In addition, you will be encouraged to explore other perspectives that will eventually become a robust professional network.

Option for Separate Classes

Some academic institutions in Mississippi got accelerated Ed.D. programs where you can take one course at a time.

Do you have an idea why? They want you to have absolute control over every class you offer. This allows you to get to understand your professors and research areas better.

Plus, you can integrate classroom perspectives into your personal and professional life.

Scholars with Disabilities

All candidates with one kind of deformation are welcome to earn an Ed.D. degree in Mississippi. Universities in the state will offer you equal academic opportunities as others.

Therefore, it would be best if you endeavored to work with your institution’s office of disability services. They will give you suitable accommodation that will help you achieve success.

In addition to lodging, you will also be eligible for tuition waivers, scholarships, and other financial support.

Program Essentials

To earn an Ed.D. degree in Mississippi, you’ll need to complete an average of 60 credits or more. Beyond that, you will also need to finish a minimum of 12 hours of thesis.

Other academic requirements include obtaining course grades at B or higher, defending a thesis, completing internships, and more.

How Much is Ed.D Mississippi Tuition?

It is essential to know how much it will cost you to earn an Ed.D. degree in Mississippi. This will significantly help you prepare an appropriate budget for your education.

How much you will spend on your graduate studies in Mississippi depends on a few factors. This is the kind of university you choose, the number of courses, and your state of origin.

Therefore, you must research your desired state institution to know precisely how much it will cost.

Are Ed.D. Programs in Mississippi Lengthy?

Earning an Ed.D. degree in Mississippi doesn’t take much time.

You can make it through school within three years. There are also accelerated online Ed.D. programs lasting 18 months. But such programs have no thesis in their program structure.

However, some factors can cause you to stay longer than three years at school. These factors include your area of interest and study format (full-time or part-time).

District Superintendent License

This is one of the permits available for Ed.D. grads in Mississippi.

The permit is into two tiers. We have initial and standard superintendent licenses. These two permits are granted only to those who satisfy the conditions for obtaining such a permit.

Now, such conditions include earning an Ed.D. degree from a certified school, obtaining leadership experience (minimum of 6 years), holding a superintendent position, and submitting a letter of appointment to the local council.

After meeting these requirements, you will receive the initial superintendent’s license.

A standard superintendent’s license will be issued when you have completed the state-approved learning activities, have demonstrated that you are responsible for the district, and have completed the assessment.

Before we conclude our discussion, we would like you to know that there are certain conditions that you will have to fulfill to obtain a doctorate in education in Mississippi.

A few include a master’s degree, past academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume, GRE or GMAT score, and more.

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