Best Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Programs

Today, we’ll be reviewing the best online doctoral programs in education.

Online education is slowly but surely becoming the norm among today’s scholars.

Many online colleges offer different degrees for different programs. One of the programs that you are likely to find in an online college is a Ph.D. or Doctorate of Education Degree program.

When you pursue a Doctorate in Education, you will be able to become a leader in your specific area of study.


Online Doctorate/Ph.D. of Education Degree Programs have helped many education professionals improve their careers. With these programs, you will have a chance to climb the career ladder very fast.

In other words, you will be able to reach all your career goals once you complete this program. There is widespread speculation on the quality and legitimacy of online degrees.

Most of these programs usually are legitimate in the areas where they are provided.

As to the quality of education offered for this program, there is no need to worry. The tutors for Ph.D. or Doctorate in Education programs are well trained and have extensive experience in their work areas.

The colleges that offer the best online education degree programs are generally authorized by multiple education bodies to provide their programs.

If you want to pursue an advanced degree in Education, you do not have to drop everything you do to attend school. Many online colleges will allow you to study at your own pace.

This means that you can continue working and studying when you are free. An online degree program will allow you flexibility in arranging your study schedule.

Ed.D. Degrees Online: Requirements

Before you apply for any online doctorate or Ph.D. degree program in Education program, there are a few requirements that you have to meet.

The most important of these requirements is a master’s degree in any related field. You also have to meet all the financial requirements needed for this program.

Before settling on a particular online college for your doctorate in Education, you need to compare different options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Accredited Colleges For Online Doctorate In Education

Some top online colleges offer quality Doctorate/Ph.D. degrees in education.

These schools include Capella University, Walden University, Argosy University Online, University of Phoenix, and Jones International University.

Different education bodies have authorized all these online colleges, such as the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Some of the Ph.D. programs in education offered in these institutions include the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program, Doctor of Education in Higher Education and Adult Learning, and Ph.D. in education – In Early Childhood education.

EDD Online Programs

If you’re a teacher wishing to enhance your career, an online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), sometimes known as a doctorate in teaching, may be possible.

Online Ph.D. in education programs use a mix of online interactions and real-world experiences to provide their courses and content.

An Ed.D. program’s curriculum will vary depending on the program and its specialty, whether provided online or in a traditional setting.

You can expect a mix of general education classes and those focusing on a specific study area. Regardless of your focus on education, you can expect a good mix of core and concentration courses.

Students in both in-person and online programs will access the same or similar course content.

Best Online EDD Programs


1.   Johns Hopkins University-school Of Education

Teachers and researchers must adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape because of the impact of technology. The School of Education at Johns Hopkins, one of the world’s most esteemed, addresses this need.

As a result, the university’s online doctor of education degree is one of the best in the world.

Students can quickly gain the knowledge and skills to deal with education in the digital age, thanks to coursework and research!

The online delivery of this program, based on 54 credits and a practical research problem that serves as a dissertation, makes it the easiest and fastest way for those who want to study online to earn an Ed.D. and contribute to education.

2.   University Of Southern California-USC Online

Rossier School of Education and USC Online offer this fast-track Ph.D. program in education to current and long-serving educators.

Education leaders will become educational innovators and reformers through USC’s rapid and superb online education degree, ranked as one of the most acceptable online education degrees.

This degree can be completed in 25 months or less. This online degree has a substantial on-campus component. There are a total of nine brief yet intense residencies required.

Online doctorate of education students at the University of Southern California must write an academically rigorous dissertation that tackles a real-world issue in education.

Rossier-USC Education policy, assessment, and practice issues can be addressed by online doctoral students with a thorough understanding of worldwide trends in education and their implications.

3.   University Of Florida

The University of Florida’s online doctor of education degree program is widely regarded as one of the best in the country. With a “job-embedded” degree, students can continue working and putting their newly acquired skills in the classroom.

This online doctorate is structured as a cohort, allowing students to remain engaged and connected to other leaders in the area throughout their studies.

The degree is typically completed in four years and has 60 credits, making it one of the fastest degrees in the United States. Additionally, there are no on-campus prerequisites for admission.

During the program’s first three years, students are obliged to spend one week each year on campus and one day each for qualifying exams and dissertation defense.

The online doctor of education is one of the best degrees for education professionals who want to become educational leaders via the practical application of their knowledge and abilities in areas of acute need.

4.   William Carey University

The Ed.D. from William Carey University is unquestionably one of the best online degrees in education.

This degree program, delivered entirely online, covers a wide range of topics, including educational planning, resource management, and the application of research to real-world problems.

This 63-hour program is one of the fastest doctorates in education for education professionals.

They will be influential leaders in instruction about analyzing data, securing and organizing resources; they will be excellent in establishing and maintaining healthy academic environments; and they will be effective communicators, able to practice leadership in real-life settings skillfully.

Graduates from this online doctorate of education degree program will be able to develop personal and school goals; they will be influential leaders in instruction about analyzing data, securing and organizing resources, and excellent at establishing and maintaining healthy academic environments.

5.   Baylor University

One of the most reputable online degrees in education is available from Baylor University Online.

As a result, this online Ph.D. in education aims to train educational leaders capable of creating and facilitating organizational reforms in the actual world.

From school districts and government agencies to corporations and non-profit organizations, Baylor’s online Ed.D. program helps students land jobs in the public and private sectors.

Because this degree may be finished in three years, it is one of the fastest online doctorate of education degrees accessible.

For this degree, 61 credits are required, which includes coursework, two-campus immersion experiences, and the final capstone project;

The Baylor online Ed.D. program is distinctive because of the immersion experiences; these expose students to real-world situations, enhancing their theoretical and online learning.

6.   Liberty University

The doctor of education degree at Liberty University Online is one of the fastest doctoral degrees in education.

An excellent online degree for anyone interested in teaching. The degree aims to train teachers, school administrators, principals, and college professors to be influential leaders.

Because of its high-quality professors, demanding curriculum, and financial aid opportunities, it is one of the best education Ph.D. programs in accessibility and affordability.

The degree is entirely online, although there are three on-campus intensives and a dissertation defense that must be completed on campus. This degree has many specializations to choose from, making it one of the most flexible online degrees.

Those who complete this online degree program will be equipped with the leadership qualities and specific knowledge necessary to succeed as university professors, senior-level educational leaders, or educational policymakers.

7.   Andrews University

A Ph.D. in education from Andrews University’s Graduate Studies department is geared toward mid-career professionals.

The online doctorate from Andrews University is one of the best, even if it isn’t the fastest. It takes around five years and 91 credits to finish the degree routinely completed.

An essential part of this degree program is its interdisciplinary approach, which its solid ethical foundation strengthens.

Students from outside the United States are welcome to apply to the Ed.D. program, but the university retains the right to deny admission to those who are otherwise qualified.

The same academic standards apply to online students as traditional students, from admissions through graduation.

Andrews University’s online educational doctorate prepares graduates for employment as superintendents and primary and secondary school administrators.

8.   Florida State University

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy from Florida State University’s online program is geared toward working professionals. One of the best degrees, but also one of the fastest degrees, may be finished in just three years.

For non-traditional students, FSU’s online Ed.D. is one of the most straightforward degrees.

Aspiring educational leaders and scholars will benefit from the program’s emphasis on developing the skills necessary to handle educational leadership and policy-making challenges.

It’s regarded as one of the best education Ph.D. programs in the United States because of the high quality of the professors, most of whom also have PhDs.

On top of that, they provide students with personalized professional help via electronic methods and make no distinction between on-campus or online education.

9.   Union University School

Union University School of Education’s online doctorate of education in school reform program is aimed to produce Christian educational leaders of character and competence.

Cohort-based education at the Union provides one of the fastest and best degrees (3.5 years) available.

Pre-kindergarten through high school education is the focus of this online degree program.

10.  University Of Arkansas

A doctorate from the University of Arizona in Educational Leadership (Ed.D..) can help those who want to work as school principals, administrators, or supervisors in public or private schools, superintendents and other central office staff, and federal-state government agency officials.

Besides being one of the best degrees, it is also one of the fastest and can be completed in three years.

The course can be completed online, but three-weekend seminars on campus are required.

One more sign of the university’s dedication to improving higher education is the rise of its doctor of education programs in the US News & Reports rankings.

11.   Saint Thomas University

The accelerated doctor of education in leadership and innovation offered by STU Online is one of the quickest educational degrees. This degree is entirely customizable for each student and can be completed entirely online.

STU’s online doctorate of education, with its tailored approach to innovation and accelerated format, is one of the top degrees for job progression, regardless of whether you work in non-profit, sales, business, public or private education, or government.

Graduates of this accelerated degree program will be able to adapt to changing organizational needs; they will possess the leadership abilities necessary to manage a diverse range of institutions; they will possess the skills and knowledge required to provide novel solutions to problems, and they will be able to conduct research and present their findings.

12.    Clarkson College

Clarkson College’s online degree program focuses on health education. It aspires to instill in its students the capacity to conduct research, design, and influence effective health care policies.

With only 44 credits required, this online program is also one of the quickest. If you want to work in health care education or administration, CClarkson’sonline doctorate of education is one of the best options.

This degree program will prepare outstanding educational leaders and strategists capable of communicating with diverse audiences about healthcare education and administration.

Graduates of this program will be knowledgeable about technological advancements. They will be able to engage in critical thinking and apply the appropriate techniques to develop sound and effective healthcare systems.

13.  Oakland City University

Educators can learn how to revitalize organizations by reinforcing their shared values and aims with the Ph.D. in education offered online by Oakland City University (OCU).

Students can transfer up to 33 credits into this degree program and are part of a small cohort of fellow students, fostering cooperation and a sense of community.

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), Oakland City University’s online doctorate is one of the best online degrees accessible.

StudUniversity’splete this degree program will better understand leadership and the capacity to identify and solve difficulties related to developing a standard set of values and goals.

14.   Carson-Newman University

An online doctorate in education from a reputable university is one of the most significant degrees for working professionals who already have a master’s or doctorate in education.

Students will improve their analytical and master’s solving abilities due to this course.

Students must complete all seven years of this curriculum within eight weeks of starting each course. Even though it isn’t the fastest route to a degree, the program’s adaptability and high quality it to a position of distinction program online diplomas.

Carson Newman’s online educational doctorate prepares its graduates for leadership positions in schools and school systems.

15.  University Of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska offers a fully online doctorate in education. As a professional development program, it aims to help students prepare for their future careers in educational administration, policy, and organization by teaching them the necessary leadership qualities.

Additionally, it teaches its students how to become administrators at colleges and universities.

Students who complete this degree program will be well-prepared for positions in higher education administration at the college, university, or community college level.

They will thoroughly understand various aspects of higher education in a collaborative setting with other professionals.

16.  Rowan University-rowan Global

Rowan Global’s online educational doctorate for community college administrators is Global’sally tailored to their needs: the Community College Leadership Initiative.

Rowan Global’s online program is the most excellent choice for educators wishing to eGlobal’seir understanding of educational administration with a particular focus on community colleges because of its unique focus and simple online delivery.

The curriculum includes 16 courses and a dissertation.

After completing this degree program, community colleges will be ready to take leadership and administrative jobs.

17.  University Of South Carolina

Two of the most outstanding online Doctor of Education (Ed.D..) programs are available from the University of South Carolina, quick and straightforward to complete. Dr. in Curriculum and Instruction-Educational Technology Concentration is the first option.

This degree is intended for teachers in both K-12 and higher education settings.

It focuses on the practical, project-based aspects of design, development, implementation, assessment, and research to help leaders meet the difficulties of technology-based learning, instruction, and training.

In addition, there is a doctoral degree in education focusing on curriculum and instruction-curriculum studies.

Curriculum specialists in PK-12, higher education institutions, or the private sector can also benefit from this specialism. It trains leaders for the challenges of curricular administration, such as culture and leadership, ethics and morality, and curriculum design and implementation.

It also examines current, historical, and essential concerns in the teaching and learning process.

18.  University Of Indiana

With two focuses, the University of Indiana’s online doctorate in teaching distinguishes itself as an exceptional program.

The first focuses on literacy, culture, and language instruction. In the second part, we’ll talk about instructional technologies. It is possible to complete both online programs by completing 60 credits.

UI’s Ph.D. program is ideal for educational leaders and administrators looking to improve their knowledge and abilities and progress their careers in language and literacy or instructional technology.

Students and professors in both online Ph.D. programs in education are encouraged to cultivate an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment.

The University of Indiana takes great pride in these contemporary on-campus and online virtues. We have a whole department dedicated to diversity, equity, and multiculturalism!

19.   Concordia University

Concordia’s Ph.D. in education program is convenient and flexible for students. Concordia students can choose from five concentrations within this online master’s degree program. One of the fastest degrees available takes just three master’s finish.

Concordia University is an excellent option for online Ed.D. programs that don’t require the GRE! However, it is essential to note that a 3.0 or better is required for admission.

With a solid theoretical foundation, graduates of Concordia are prepared to apply what they’ve learned through their study to real-world educational settings.

They have a solid work ethic and are prepared to work with others to develop creative solutions to challenging challenges.

20.  Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt’s Peabody Online provides one of the most excellent online educVanderbilt’sprograms in the country if you’re interested.

It’s a 54-credit online degree for education leaders, why you’re to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to implement organizational change.

This rapid online doctorate requires one on-campus visit and a capstone project every year.

They will have received some of this program’s most excellent online instruction in educational theory and practical programs from mastering the fundamentals of successful organizational transformation.

Students who complete this program will be equipped with a wide range of new data analysis abilities and the ability to draw on diverse research techniques and theoretical frameworks.


Students must devote a lot of time and effort to Ed.D. programs, which can be demanding.

Doctoral-level coursework, including intensive classes and a lengthy dissertation procedure, are prerequisites for admission to these programs.

So, to be considered for enrollment, most programs have a set of prerequisites that students must satisfy. Examples include a master’s degree, relevant work experience, writing samples, and many letters of recommendation.

Be aware that entrance requirements for each program are different.

As a result, many online Ed.D. programs have a strict admissions policy, which means that even if a student meets or exceeds all of the requirements for admission, they may not be awarded a place in the course.

For the most up-to-date and thorough information on admission requirements and the application procedure, prospective applicants should contact admissions officials from their programs of interest.