Wyoming Education Doctoral (EdD & PhD) Programs

While you seek your doctorate in education (Ed.D.) in Wyoming, you’ll need to know more about their programs. That is precisely what this guide is designed for.

As you read through, you’ll become familiar with their kinds of Ed.D. programs, study courses, duration, tuition fees, entry requirements, and more.

Wyoming Ed.D. Programs

Would you like to take your career to a new level as an educator? So consider getting your doctorate in education (Ed.D.) in Wyoming.

The state has obtained an academic institution committed to providing educators with a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary educational experience.

This will help you think critically and tackle complex questions in a multicultural and changing world. What’s more, you’ll be able to tailor your career goals.

But before we get into the discussion, let’s briefly see if Ed.D. Programs in Wyoming are fully endorsed.

  • Are all Ed.D. Programs in Wyoming Fully Certified?

Oh yes! We are pleased to inform you that all Ed.D.  programs in Wyoming are certified by competent regional and national organizations.

We refer to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Doctor Of Education Programs in Wyoming

There’re several Ed.D. programs that you can advance your educational career. Choose a sector that fits your professional goals.

A portion of Ed.D. programs you can choose from is diversity and multiculturalism, educational technology and e-learning, curriculum and instruction, education policy, health professions, community college leadership, and entrepreneurship in education.

Christian education leadership, counseling and psychology, adult, nursing, special, health and physical, early childhood, music, mathematics, science, TESOL, and bilingual education are some areas you can explore.

Wyoming Ed.D. Study Courses

The curriculum for the Ed.D. program in Wyoming is broad. Students have many classes to offer during their study period.

Most schools have course credits ranging from 56 to 75. Among these courses are research areas, basic electives, internships in the field, and thesis or synthesis projects.

Depending on your level of experience and background, you’re going to take courses such as the history of the American educational systems,  program evaluation, advanced learning theory, leadership and ethics, finance and budgeting, and foundations of curriculum, instruction, and evaluation.

Other courses include leadership in the workplace, diversity education in curricula, technology in education, foundations of multicultural education curriculum development and assessment, education funding, issues of diversity in education, and theoretical foundations of leadership.

Schools That Deliver Ed.D. Programs In Wyoming

While most American states have several universities offering Ed D. programs, Wyoming has only one university offering such certification at the doctoral level.

That’s the University of Wyoming. As mentioned above, the university is approved at the regional level, and its programs are also recognized.

  • Is There A Possibility Of Transferring Graduate Credits?

The University of Wyoming accepts transfer credits from other programs and institutions inside and outside Wyoming. However, certain conditions need to be satisfied.

Transfer courses must be equivalent to an Ed.D. course in Wyoming. Such credits must also be obtained from certified institutions. Any credit with a rating of less than B shall not be accepted.

Learning Alternatives for Ed.D. Programs in Wyoming

There are essentially three learning options for Ed.D. scholars in Wyoming.

These are online, hybrid, and campus-based studies. All these options are offered to meet the needs of prospective candidates.

However, they have their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Earning your Ed.D. Online

Online Ed.D. Programs are tailored for professionals who want to keep their jobs while they continue their studies. All classes will be delivered online.

This will allow you to combine your studies with other commitments.

Furthermore, online Ed.D. features asynchronous and synchronous learning.

These learning options will allow you to select an adapted learning sequence and the number of courses to offer per semester.

  • Get your Ed.D. Certificate In-Person

Those who don’t believe in online studies can opt for on-campus learning. Here, all classes will be taught in a university setting.

This means you must visit the school in person to finish your coursework.

  • What About Hybrid Education?

To balance all this, hybrid studies will suit candidates who will not enjoy studying online or on campus. It’s a mix of online and campus-based studies.

You will take your courses online and some on campus.

Duration For Ed.D. Programs in Wyoming

Earning a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) in Wyoming is not very time-consuming.

In 3 or 4 years, you can complete your education. You can stay longer if your specialty area has many courses and long dissertations. Or you enroll in school part-time.

Those who choose online Ed.D. programs can graduate in two years or less. Such programs do not include practical placements in their syllabus.

Is it Not Costly To Earn A Doctorate In Education In Wyoming?

How much you will spend to get a doctorate in education in Wyoming depends on several factors. Your choice of concentration area and state of origin.

Confused? Let’s explain this further. Programs with many course credits tend to be more expensive than those with fewer courses.

At the same time, Wyoming residents pay less than academics from other states.

For example, students in the state are billed around $337 per credit, while students outside the state pay approximately $537 per credit.

Entry Requirements

To earn a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) in Wyoming, you’ll need to meet the conditions aligned for admission. A few of these conditions include submitting a master’s certificate from an accredited university.

Other necessary credentials include your past academic transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation, minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5, and more.

For applicants from non-English speaking countries, you must provide proof of competence in English. In this case, you’re to submit test results such as TOEFL, and IELTS, among others.

Earning an Ed.D. in Wyoming will take you to a fulfilling career in education and other organizations. You can take on high-profile roles or become a positive luck agent in these areas.

Best of all, graduates with Ed.D. are paid more than those with lower certificates.